About Us

About Us

All India Vipra Association has run this project to promote talent, and this project is managed by AIVA Organization itself and events are conducted by the organization or by the organization's partner only.


AIVA WORLD RECORDSRecords are the collective form of any data that are made for future use or as memory of achievment . Management is an art of handling and maintaining that records from the time of creation to the time of disposal or breaking. World records are the informational evidence that has been collected and maintained by the organization to showcase the talent of achievers. It is also defines add the material and data prepared for future reference. It includes written papers, invoices, reports, visual evidence, files etc.

The concept behind launching AIVA World Records is to create a platform that comes in the reach of everyone, which is not only simple and easy to understand and participate but also reliable and fair.


If we talk about the history of world records, then we must have heard about many world records and organizations who conduct world records. Every organization have their own ways and rules to conduct these records. But AIVA World Records is little better and different from all of them. To make it's new form of creadibility, it took us more than a year to design and formulate rules. For which we have studied all the best world record conducting organizations of world And brought ease and credibility in the process of conducting world records while retaining their goodness.

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Aims & Objectives

Our main objectives behind starting this type of project are as follows.

  1. The first and foremost objective is to give the hidden talent a platform through this project so that everyone can give a direction to their talent.
  2. Make the record making (record setter / record breaker) process so good that it is easy for anyone to participate and understand it.
  3. To appoint aiva world record investor as much as possible to build the credibility of record making (record setter / record breaker). Through which the authenticity of that record can be decided.
  4. Encourage the courage and talent of the participants and give them a certificate so that everyone can know and be inspired by the record made by their talent.
  5. In this era of modernism, our aim is to provide opportunities for them to improve their health and talent, while inspiring the young generation to spend some time for adventure and sports.

Our Partners

In order to provide the best facilities to all our participants, we have signed a partnership to add different facilities from a few organizations to aiva world records. These facilities by our partner institutions will be helpful in conducting records, sending us records, and publishing records globally.

RSNY Press

Book Publishing Partner

Firefox Send

File Hosting Partner


Event Organizing Partner


Video Hosting Partner

Our Team

We have a strong team behind AIVA WORLD RECORDS.

The main members of the department who make the main decisions of the department are as follows.

Sweta Mishra

Sweta Mishra

Secretary World Records

Each person, with his talent, makes an identity in the world. 'Ms. Sweta Mishra' is looking at this department as Secretary, with the same talent of her poetry and more mass communication skills.

Mandeep Singh

Mandeep Singh

Manager Malaysia

Mr. Mandeep Singh is working in this department with the best experience of his event management. He is designated as Malaysia Manager in organization handling the services of the department very effortlessly.

Tajinder Riar

Tajinderbir Riar

Manager Australia

Mr. Tajinderbir Riar, who have keen interest in sports and adventure, is working as a overseas manager in AIVA World Records department from Australia. He is good with his knowledge about overseas.